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Re: [IP] Does anyone used the Sports Gaurd with the MM pump?

> Kristin,
>  Yes, I use the sport guard often.  I go surfing, swimming, and
>  river 
> rafting with the guard.  You will hear that some people have
> problems with leaking, I don't.  I use a little Vaseline around the
> lid of the guard before closing it and when I store my guard I keep
> it in separate pieces.  I also called MM to make sure (because of
> leakage stories) that if the guard leaked that my pump was covered
> 100% and it was. 

>From my perspective, it is not a matter of IF it will leak, only 

The original leakage problems were due to shrinkage of the middle of 
the plastic cap on the sports guard. Eventually it got hard and would 
not seat properly. MM designed a new one made of Silicon rubber (or 
some such material) and nicely sent the free to all sports guard 
owners. That solved the problem for a while, but it shrinks also, 
just takes longer. After a couple of years of use ... glub.. glub... 
glub. Yes, MM nicely sent a pump out overnight, but since then Lily 
simply takes it off and drops it in her pack.
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