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Re: [IP] Important Question

> I have been pumping for 4 days now with a total of 3.5 hours
> training.  I had a scare when I thought my  Diestronic pump had
> given me 14 units of Humolog and it turned out that was my total
> since midnight.  I was prepared for a glugogon (SP?) injection. 
> Does anyone know who much this injection will raise your BG?  

Just carefully figure out how many carbs you need and begin consuming 
them but not all at once, testing every 20 - 30 minutes with a target 
of about 150. Even with Glucagon you must eventually replace the 
carbs. Through a series of mishaps, my daughter once got 90 units of 
insulin while we were camping in the boonies. 5 hours and 200-300 
carbs later she was still fine and the effects gone.
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