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Re: [IP] Re: Feedback instabilities

Please tell me more about this continuous monitor or where to find this 
information!  I personnally believe that non-invasive testng is plausible 
however it's release is being delayed due to the huge impact this will have 
on pharmaceutical companies that  manufacture test strips and monitors and 
monitoring products.  I hate to sound cynical, but it is hard for me to 
believe with the technology industry and its great capacity to provide 
accesses and communications throughout the world that non invasive blood 
testing is not completed!
Thoughts on this anyone?

>From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted, email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Re: Feedback instabilities
>Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 18:34:30 +0200
> >John, I thought this was getting to technical for the list.  BUT  damping
> >or delays are always bad for feedback systems.  They allow the systems to
> >get closer to instability.  Whenever you have such in system, the design
> >goal is to try to compensate for this, often with some derivative 
> >I haven't done much system design since college, but that one of the 
> >rules was to avoid delays and integrals whereever possible.  The damping 
> >the insulin into the blood with NPH or Lente is what causes most of the
> >instability problems without the pump.   When we do have that long 
> >noninvasive BG meter, we will see just how bad the damping of the insulin
> >input is, even with H in the pump.  Then maybe your suggestion of an iv
> >injection to eliminate this damping would make sense!
> >-wayne
>Ah! A nice email to brighten up my afternoon...
>I'll leave you to ponder your own integrals and derivatives :-)
>Personally, I think that insulin delivery through subcutaneous fat must
>soon go. It's so problematic. With extreme body-piercing now being in high
>fashion, insulin infusion points going straight to the liver will soon be
>the rage. Much better than iv. Perhaps with 5% NN304 mixed in with Regular,
>you will have some DKA-protection in the event of pump disconnection. The
>implantable pump seems to be fraught with practical problems, and may be
>some way off.
>I'm not so interested in non-invasive bg meters. Diabetes treatment _is_
>invasive. Far more interesting are the continuous meters. Now that Minimed
>have a continuous (if invasive) bg monitor, when do you reckon they'll put
>the whole shebang together, and give us a hands-free automated control? Is
>it just a question of time and money and a bit of software?
>All the best -
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