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[IP] My Pump Arrives Tomorrow


I found out on Friday that my pump and supplies were covered 100%!  I was
told it should be arriving tomorrow, in time for my start up on Aug. 2nd.  I
have to admit I was very skeptical about getting it in time.  I have had a
lot of problems with my insurance in the past.

I am confused about how it will help to eliminate lows.  Right now if I take
enough insulin to have a BS of 150 after a meal I am certain to crash within
the next hour if I don't have a snack.  I would love to stop snacking so
much so I could lose a few pounds but haven't been able to with injections.
How will a pump help this situation?  Why would it prevent lows after meals
when injections don't?  Could the NPH really be causing the lows and the
elimination of it solves the problem?  Sounds too good to be true.   Right
now the only way to avoid the lows after a meal is to snack or run high at
the 2 hour check (200 +).  Neither makes me too happy.

Thanks in advance for any info.  Thanks, too, for the encouragement about
being more energetic once I start the pump!

Donna Triolo-Clarke

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