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Re: [IP] Docs for no pumps

Every minute, hour, day spent with
> bg's higher than 
> can otherwise be achieved is simply another medical
> dollar wasted on 
> future treatment of preventable complications and
> more suffering 
> added to the persons life.
> Michael
> email @ redacted

I have to speak up here.  Prior to going on the pump I
worked so hard to achieve normal blood sugars using
humalog and lente.  Every day I would test faithfully
4 to 8 times a day.  It would never fail that I would
do my bs and a number well above what it should be
would appear on the machine - having followed my meal
plan etc. and done all the things a good diabetic is
supposed to do and still no results.  When i finally
found a doctor who actually listened to me and
admitted I know probably as much about this disease as
he does - I was able to get on the pump.  for years
other doctors had denied me access to this wonderful
machine for whatever reasons.  When I was trained the
mm trainer told me that long acting insulins only work
40% of the time!!!!!! I was furious!!!! How could
doctors have not allowed me access to the pump  ( as I
was young and not my own best advocate yet) or not
even told me why my numbers sucked so badly!!  Now
with the pump I know why I am high and very rarely
ever am.  The reduction in stress has been
humongous!!!  Well that's my vent.....


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