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Re: [IP] Newbie needs help

A few things come to mind that may have been the cause for high bg's.  When 
eating out, it is more difficult to gauge carbs/cals/ because portions tend 
to be larger and generally when we are preparing meals at home, we have 
control over how much fat, etc is in food.  Usuallly restaurants do not use 
low cal or lite anything - so there are hidden calories.  Depending upon the 
type of food you ate out, it could be one of those foods that your child is 
sensitive to.  For example, I find that when I eat Chinese or japanese 
foods, my bg's raise rapidly (maybe due to the quick fix rice - the less 
time it takes for a food to cook, the greater effect it has on the rise and 
fall of your bg's.  For example, it is much better to use long grain cooking 
rice than minute rice because the way that it cooks could be the same way it 
effects your glucose.  If you are already aware of these factors, it could 
be preindication of an infection coming on.  Hope this helps!

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>Subject: [IP] Newbie needs help
>Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 15:48:08 EDT
>It's Robin again, my daughter 10 pumping for 1 month.  This morning woke at
>had usual breakfast with usual bolus two hour post meal was 398 so we did 2
>unit high sugar bolus and it came down to 232 in 45 min.  My question is 
>did it get so high in first place?? Her pump did not give us any alarms as 
>no delivery and it's obvioulsly working since she responded to 2nd bolus.
>This seems to happen alot.  I'm sure she did her am bolus because I watched
>her do it.  We ate dinner out last night and had hard time keeping numbers
>down, had to shut off square wave and bolus to catch up.  Thought we 
>did it when 3 am she was 141.  #2  Can anyone recommend a book that will 
>us fiqure out this thing, including the insulin-carb ratio?  Like I said
>we've been pumping one month and still don't have handle on what it should
>be.  Doc started us on a 1 to 1 ratio and has not made any changes.  We're
>not getting alot of help from our pump "coach".  Her numbers are all over 
>place and I feel we're just using the pump in knee jerk fashion only to
>elimate shots and not using as it should be. I'm frustrated and looking for
>something that will help.
>Thanks for letting me vent a little.    Robin
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