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[IP] "merely carbs''?

 Carb counting is totally different seeing
that food is not really grouped in "good" and "bad" categories for
diabetics  all food is merely CARBS.

Brian Carter
ICQ # 27217438

Whoa, but for many of us simply "counting carbs'' isn't enough! The other
night I had a fish fry, plus later some Chubby Hubby ice cream (yikes,
21g/fat per serving), and was fine going to bed 4 hours later )113, I
think -- but 395 next morning! (Set was fine; no kinks; no mechanical
reasons, and no, I wasn't low in the night)....just for me, high fat stuff
is DANGER, since there's no way to cover it. This has happened routinely w/
high-fat meals for me -- many hours pass before the spike.

So, I think on the question of cake/brownies/etc, counting their carbs still
doesn't make them seem "safe'' enough to me.


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