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Re: [IP] Newbie needs help

I am new at pumping.  I have mastered the infusion sets and all that goes 
along with that.  I am fine operating the pump itself.  I do a zillion blood 
tests a day.  My carb counting is a mess I guess because I keep having 
ridiculous highs that I never had before I went on the pump.  Brkfst is easy 
to figure out. 9 tbs. oatmeal dry and one 6oz peach=60 carb grams.  I always 
make sure to go into any meal at 120 or below.  Using my 20 carb to 1 unit 
huml., I give myself 3 units for this meal.  Lunch has another very easy to 
figure 60 carb grams.  Dinner is the problem most times.  Dinner is where the 
protein and fats come in the picture.  My trainer RN allows veggies to be 
free.  When I sit down to 5oz meat and two servings of  brussel sprouts, I 
see no carbs.  Can you eat this taking no insulin?  Had brkfst out this 
weekend.  Four slices whole wheat toast, two eggs and one brkfst sausage.  I 
figured 70 carbs.  Was I ever wrong.  Went into the meal at a 97 and two 
hours later 329.  Adding fats and protein added to a meal changes everything. 
 How does one figure for these things?
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