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Re: [IP] Re: IV insulin

<<is that really true that R would leave your system in twenty minutes
or so, if injected into the blood stream? Is there any technical data on
this. I just might have to try a little test.>>

	Not sure what you mean by technical data, but your insulin/cho
ratio would be pretty close to what you get by injection.   This is surely
possible, but not recommended, because most of us aren't practised with iv
injections.  And your arms would soon look worse than a heroine addicts.
But as John noted if your BG is 600, then you could bring it down to normal
in 15 min or so if you did go iv.
	Yes, the R or H would all be gone in about 20 min.  Insulin doesn't
stay around in the blood very long.  The reason that it takes up to 3 hours
or longer for H and 5-6 for R to disappear is that it takes that long for
the insulin to get into the blood.  H is faster only because it gets into
the blood faster.  In the blood it lasts the same as R or NPH or any other
insulin for that matter.

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