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[IP] diabetic camp

Well folks, Kevin is now happy at camp. His MOM, on the other hand, has 
swollen eyes and a sore butt! ha ha. It was 10 hours round trip to go there 
and I'm talking boonies!!!

It seemed very chaotic there to me, but we were late getting there and the 
staff was whoooosing us thru the different places to get checked in. Next 
thing I know, it was time to leave and I'm crying! Kevin was shocked to see 
his strong Mom cry! (another first) 

Anyway, I'm happy to say he has a few nurses and a med student and a tech I 
think in his cabin with he and the other crazy kids I saw running around. 

They say pick up is at 9:30 next Saturday..."make sure we are ON TIME!" My 
husband laughed and said "I will have to SIT ON HER until that time!" ha ha. 
Yeah, well!  We are getting a hotel 1/2 hour away next time. They are pretty 
far away from known civilization.

So, with swollen lids, I will go to work....(and call the camp of course! LOL)

p.s. He was the only D pump user. Amy was there too and doing great.
(redhead twin)

Mom of Kevin, 11, dx 12/98
pumping since 5/3/99
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