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Re: [IP] Fwd: Insulin Pumps for Children

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> Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 12:41:33 EDT
> Subject: Insulin Pumps for Children
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> My nephew 4 year old nephew was diagnosed with
> diabetes last year.  His 
> parents are very diligent in monitoring his blood
> sugar levels, diet, and 
> medication.  They are both health care
> professionals.  Tristan's mother would 
> like to place him on an insulin pump, however the
> endocrinologist who is 
> their doctor does not want to cooperate with this
> decision.  He says nothing 
> clinically supports the idea that insulin pumps in
> children this young 
> provide better control and therefore less chance for
> complications in the 
> future.  He also states that a child this young will
> not be able to or want 
> to wear a machine all the time. 
> Now, I am a pumper, and I know that the better
> control you have over this 
> disease, the better your chances for a happy,
> healthy life.  I know the pump 
> is not a cure, but it certainly does improve the
> quality of life and allows 
> me to control the disease instead of the disease
> controlling me.
> I need to know where I can find additional
> information on the pros and cons 
> of pumps in young children.  Something that we can
> show to the doctor so he 
> will believe that young children can benefit from
> the pump and also the cons 
> of an insulin pump for young children.  Can anybody
> help me?
go to children with diabetes web site and go to kids
are pumping and read alot of stories

a have a three year old and go to see my endo tomorrow
and ask for the pump. i am afraid that i might run
into the same problem.
we live in florida.
tell them that  can email me if they want and i find
anything out i will do the same.

nathan  3yr  dx 12 months

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