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[IP] Re: diabetic v. person with diabetes and EDIC

> From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] Please take a look at "what not to say to your diabetic
> as a non-diabetic (dad) I've been sensitized by this group to
> avoid the label "diabetic" in place of 'person with diabetes' which
> seems to be acceptable.  It seems there is an issue with being called a 'diabetic' which is
> sort of a 'thing' I guess as opposed to someone who suffers from
> diabetes.
> Michael
> email @ redacted

This was a hot topic among my personal group of diabetic friends/friends with diabetes a few years ago.  I'm happy being diabetic or a PWD.  I think it's a matter of personal preference, as well as one's own perception about self and diabetes.  However, I definitely thank you for recognizing it as a sensitive issue and respecting the wishes of those affected.

> From: Andrea Seitz <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Diabetes Control & Complications Trial - Follow Up Study
> Has anyone heard or read about the Diabetes Control and Complications
> Trial (DCCT) doing a follow up study on the original participants.

Yes, it's called EDIC.  I'm a participant, as are several others on this list.  Feel free to email me privately for more info.


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