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[IP] Fwd: Insulin Pumps for Children


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My nephew 4 year old nephew was diagnosed with diabetes last year.  His 
parents are very diligent in monitoring his blood sugar levels, diet, and 
medication.  They are both health care professionals.  Tristan's mother would 
like to place him on an insulin pump, however the endocrinologist who is 
their doctor does not want to cooperate with this decision.  He says nothing 
clinically supports the idea that insulin pumps in children this young 
provide better control and therefore less chance for complications in the 
future.  He also states that a child this young will not be able to or want 
to wear a machine all the time. 

Now, I am a pumper, and I know that the better control you have over this 
disease, the better your chances for a happy, healthy life.  I know the pump 
is not a cure, but it certainly does improve the quality of life and allows 
me to control the disease instead of the disease controlling me.

I need to know where I can find additional information on the pros and cons 
of pumps in young children.  Something that we can show to the doctor so he 
will believe that young children can benefit from the pump and also the cons 
of an insulin pump for young children.  Can anybody help me?

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