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Re: [IP] Docs for no pumps

> ihave to said that i have 3 yr old that am trying hard
> to get on the pump and in the long run the day to day
> records will help us out. i write down all bs and what
> he eats 24/7. i know what works and what does not. so
> if that makes me a control freak so be it.but i know
> what  the slightest differnts in his diabetes.
> thought i would just share this with you.

I'm not implying that you should not keep records, I think my 
daughter should as well. What I am saying is that a person should not 
be penalized for not keeping them if they have not done so for 
whatever reason. It is particularly galling when they are in denial, 
have basically thrown in the towel on ever achieving good control and 
then discover the potential improvements that can be had with a pump. 
Then they are told " because you've not been in good control all 
these years, you can't have a pump"!  Duh.... the whole point of 
asking for pump therapy is to improve treatment. It is common 
knowledge that it is easier to achieve good control on a pump, the 
results of the DCCT proved that as a side effect to the study. 
Comments from the participants were clear that tight control was much 
easier using CSII than MDI. So where is the logic in denying CSII to 
a person having difficulty with control??  

It is not an issue of record keeping. Record keeping has clear 
benefits, some people simply don't want to do it, it does not 
diminish them or somehow medically disqualify them from benefiting 
from CSII.

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