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Re: [IP] Who should represent diabetes?

 i now take over 400u of humolog and Max doses of rezulin and glucophage. and 
since 1993 my bs have not gone below 200 or my bg below 10. who should speak 
is not the question. it's what to talk about. i am 38 and already have 
neuropathy of my hands and feet. my tryglycerides are in the 5000 range and i 
have multiple other complications.
doctors say i am insulin resistant. i am 350lb  less than the next person 
taking as much insulin as i am. my pump goes through batteries so fast as my 
basal rate is set at 16u/hr and boluses are 50 u at a time. so who is a moot 
point for me as to what is said. maybe if we all asked at once, instead of 
one person?
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