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Re: [IP] Y2K-insulin supply?

In a recent issue of Diabetes Today (an Eli Lilly and Company publication) 
there is an article that talks about the Y2K concern.  It states that Lilly 
is building up product inventory of insulin and they DO NOT recommend 
over-buying Lilly insulin.  In my opinion the only concern Lilly has is the 
public panicking and therefore causing a shortage. The recommendation is to 
keep your normal stock on hand, mine is appx. 5 bottles or so. Lilly is on 
top of the Y2K issue.  I happen to have the pleasure of working for Eli Lilly 
and Company and even though I have worked there for a few years, I have just 
recently been dx with diabetes (2 months now, and already pumping). I have 
just recently started relying on the product my company manufactures to keep 
me healthy and alive and I have gained a new respect for the products my 
company produces.  I would recommend you all visiting the Eli Lilly and 
Company site if you haven't already done so, and signing up to receive their 
quarterly publication, the address is:  www.lillydiabetestoday.com. 

 I have enjoyed learning from all of you, hearing your different questions 
and concerns.  As a newly dx type I diabetic, I can use all the info I can 
get.  I also have a tremendous amount of respect for you parents of diabetic 
kids.  I have an 11 year old daughter and of course as her mother, I would 
always take away any illness she has if I possibly could, but from a very 
selfish stand point, I think it is MUCH easier for me to manage my ideas then 
to have to manage hers.  My heart goes out to you parents.

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