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Re: [IP] Who should represent diabetes?

Hi Ginny

It seems to me that the list members were, in both cases, talking about 
diabetics who did *not* take care of themselves. My opinion is, if you take 
care of yourself to the best of your abilities and complications occur 
nonetheless, then G-d bless you: You're entitled to be a spokesperson for 
diabetes. If, however, you're guzzling "the real thing," or you're using a 
very old-fashioned regimen (2 shots of NPH/day), then it has every appearance 
of having gotten *yourself* into the mess. While I'm aware that maintaining 
control does not *guarantee* a complication-free life, *not* maintaining 
control highly increases your risk of complications. And the two mentioned 
seem to have chosen not to educate themselves and have not taken control. 
However, there's also the general lack of knowleldge from years ago; the docs 
not educating patients or sending patients for education and the patients not 
knowing that they don't know what they need to know ...

<sigh> I still say it's a chance for the media to educate and they've not 
shown a lot of willingness to do that.


In a message dated 7/25/99 3:07:37 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< She may well be a role model and sometimes it is necessary for diabetics to
 be scared..even if newly diagnosed.
 What you wish to see if a healthy person out there doing thier jogging
 looking like a picture of health..well that isn't exactly the way it is
 with diabetes.  Diabetes kills..I have lost a few friends and family to
 diabetes and they DID take wonderful care of themselves.
 Life isn't always full of health.
 You wouldn't want me as a spokesperson then because I also have a servic
 dog and am in a wheelchair..I am not able to jog and my BGs are not perfect
 because of other health problems. I struggle everyday to do my best with
 all I have to deal with. I would feel very sad to think if you saw me you
 would judge me just  because I have a service dog and am in my
 wheelchair..I hate stereotyping of people.   >>
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