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Re: [IP] Docs for no pumps

     I can only nod my head in agreement with everything you said. Melissa 
too is much more inclined to check, since she became a pumper nearly 3 1/2 
years ago. Granted there are aberrant days even with pump therapy, but in 
general "what you see is what you get!!". Today was a basal fast check day- 
she began her day with a bg of 126 at 9am, an hour later she was 110, ate 70 
grams of low-fat carbs, bolused 8.5 units according to her 1:8 breakfast 
ration, was 97 at 1:00, 124 at 3:00, 102 at 5:00 and 89 at 7:00 when she 
finally gave in to her hunger!!!......She felt great that she completed the 
hardest of the 3 fasting tests & verified that both her basal daytime rate 
and her breakfast bolus ratio were accurate. Furthermore, that information 
implied that when she goes low mid-afternoon, either she's too active with 
her little campers she's overseeing OR she's bolusing excessively for lunch. 
Compare that input & analysis to the MDI scenario you described so well, when 
what was or wasn't working was a complete mystery most of the time.   
  As for the record keeping, her first ped endo used to spend ( not 
exaggerating here) 30-40 minutes in silence reading through every one of her 
bgs from the preceding 90 days. At the time, I assumed that was standard 
procedure, but when we switched to an adult endo, he just skimmed over the 
preceding 2 wks, spotted problem areas & asked Melissa how she thought she 
could resolve them. In retrospect, I now realize that in lieu of actually 
DOING anything with or for us, her previous doctor was simply filling up the 
appt. time, because our family was so obviously "on top" of things that there 
wasn't really much for her to do!!! In fact, the fourth shot was MY idea, so 
that Melissa would be able to have an afternoon snack. Good old doc thought 
that was NOT a good idea- after all WHY would she want yet another dreaded 
shot? DUH - how about so that she doesn't have to sit there watching her 
sister eat a dish of ice cream while she munches on a celery stalk!!!...Thus 
began the dawning of my "re-education" of just who should be captaining this 
Regards, Renee
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