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Re: [IP] Docs for no pumps

In a message dated 7/25/99 4:28:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Specifically, the reason for the poor control in 
 the first place. Consider this.....
 Taking into account all the difficulties a child has with control in 
 addition to those brought about by growth spurts, raging hormones, 
 etc...  >>

I was answering a question about an adult, as to why a doctor wouldn't start 
a pump.  Not a child or adolescent.  This doctor's practice DOES pump starts, 
just selectively.  I explained the reason I was told.  It did not apply to 
me, because they started my son without concern after they met him and 
realized he understood a lot about his diabetes care, and more importantly, 
because they are not his regular caregivers.  And just because my son keeps 
records, it does not imply I or his doctors are control freaks.  Please 
refrain from assuming only your opinion is correct in all instances.  I was 
about to drop from this list because of your arrogant replies to my comments, 
but then realized you are only one person and this is a list of many. 
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