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[IP] Love that 'Dual Wave' Minimed 507C

Hi Folks,

We're back from 3.5 weeks of vacation, Erica is in one piece, and so is
the pump.  We had a wonderful trip to visit another mom, dad, and 7yr
old pumper son.  Our third get together since early March(we live 4.5
hrs apart)

I discovered the magic of the Dual Wave Bolus.  I think I might use it A
LOT!!!  One morning, while on the road, we decided to do the Big
Breakfast from McDonalds.  Well, with all that scrambled eggs and
sausage, I figured Erica would have some wild sugars from sitting in the
car after eating it, so I asked her if she thought we should do a square
wave bolus.  Now remember, this child has just turned 11 and has only
been pumping a few months.....she said "Mom, why don't we do a dual wave
and give me what I need for the juice and potato and then make the pump
give me the rest for a longer period of time because of the fat and
protein stuff"  (almost exact words)   So, to be honest, it was Erica
who discovered the beauty of the Dual Wave, I can't take credit for it.
We had never used it before, but I figured out the carbs, bolused for
1/2 immediately and the rest over 2.5 hrs.  Her sugar was terrific, much
better than it has ever been before  after a fast food breakfast, and I
am going to do some experimenting with mixed meals
protein/fat/fruit/starch.  I think this could be fun and very beneficial
to her.  Who says kids can't pump?!  She has come up with a few great
ideas over the past few months.

Well, we are back to the old grind, but I am happy to once again read my
digest a few times a day, and get back in touch with old friends and new
ones to come.  :-)

Barb....Erica's mom

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