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Re: [IP] Newbie needs help

email @ redacted wrote:
 This morning woke at 180
> had usual breakfast with usual bolus two hour post meal was 398 so we did 2
> unit high sugar bolus and it came down to 232 in 45 min.  My question is why
> did it get so high in first place?? 

A good rule to follow is to NOT eat soon after testing around 180. It tends to 
comound the existing high and make it VERY hard to bring down. I'd suggest
a bolus and waiting until it starts bringing her bg down before eating. If 
in doubt test sooner.

Her pump did not give us any alarms as to
> no delivery and it's obvioulsly working since she responded to 2nd bolus.
> This seems to happen alot.  I'm sure she did her am bolus because I watched
> her do it.  We ate dinner out last night and had hard time keeping numbers
> down, had to shut off square wave and bolus to catch up.  Thought we finally
> did it when 3 am she was 141.  

OK, but restaurant meals are notorious for overloading both carbs and fats,
which will put her bg up and keep it there. If she ate less visible carb in
a restaurant meal she wouldn't spike so high or soon, and controlling the
later, slower rise is easier.

#2  Can anyone recommend a book that will help
> us fiqure out this thing, including the insulin-carb ratio?  Like I said
> we've been pumping one month and still don't have handle on what it should
> be.  Doc started us on a 1 to 1 ratio and has not made any changes. 

The best book on the subject, at least for pumpers, is "Pumping Insulin", 
by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts. It can be bought from Amazon.com through
the IP webpage at a discount and delivered to your door.

> Thanks for letting me vent a little. 

Hey, if venting gets you answers for her problems please keep venting.
Afterwards when considering where her problems went you can say 
"Dey vent data vey!" <VBG>

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
5.5 years on MM pumps, 43 years of Type 1
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