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Re: [IP] Who should represent diabetes?

She may well be a role model and sometimes it is necessary for diabetics to
be scared..even if newly diagnosed.
What you wish to see if a healthy person out there doing thier jogging
looking like a picture of health..well that isn't exactly the way it is
with diabetes.  Diabetes kills..I have lost a few friends and family to
diabetes and they DID take wonderful care of themselves.
Life isn't always full of health.
You wouldn't want me as a spokesperson then because I also have a servic
dog and am in a wheelchair..I am not able to jog and my BGs are not perfect
because of other health problems. I struggle everyday to do my best with
all I have to deal with. I would feel very sad to think if you saw me you
would judge me just  because I have a service dog and am in my
wheelchair..I hate stereotyping of people.  
It sounds as if this woman has a service dog..what is wrong with that??
Do you know her personally? 
If you have such good control why not call the media?
Enough said and anyone who would call a person a "freak show" really has
alot to learn about life and disabilities..
One upset diabetic...

<.She is not a role model 
>for anyone with diabetes, nor is she a positive story for a person who tries 
>hard to take care of him or herself--she may only scare and discourage a 
>person who recently been diagnosed, for example. 
>     This is not media jealousy, by any means: I don't want to be the guy 
>that Channel 7 calls on whenever they want an insider's story about
>but I think someone other than this woman would do a better job. A person
>knows the seriousness of diabetes, works to stay healthy, and can attest to 
>the benefits of research and education would be the type of person I would 
>like to read about. Persons who are not aware of diabetes might benefit from 
>seeing another side of diabetes, rather than witnessing the antics of this 
>woman, whom a friend from the ADA once termed "a freak show." Despite the 
>care and concern of her doctors and the ADA programs, she doesn't help 
>herself out.
>     Again, I pity this woman and her condition. I am sure she is a good 
>person, but she doesn't represent what I want people to see. I probably
>need to solicit responses, but here goes: does anyone agree or disagree?
>  >>
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