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log keeping, was Re: [IP] Docs for no pumps

Michael wrote:
> I have to say that a couple of years ago, 
>Lily stopped keeping a log. She carb counts and calculates and looks 
>at the bg log in her meter occasionally.

Me too.  I only log when I need to make adjustments.  As long as things are
going smoothly, I feel it wastes time.  However, for the first several months,
I DID log everything.  My endo has the software to download my Profile, and
that is what he would rather look at -- instead of a bunch of my scrawled
notes, with blood smears all over them.. . <vbg>  Log keeping can be very
helpful to figure out carb ratios, how you react to fatty foods, basal rates,
etc.  But once those things are nailed down, it is just an extra step... I
never look at logs when things are going good.

Mary Jean

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