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Re: [IP] Loss of consciousness

> Any suggestions to deal with the different growth
> phases.  When he is not in a growth phase he requires less insulin.
> Any help would be nice.. Regina
I would think you would be better off with a pump. The insulin 
management is much more active and you can easily adjust to changing 
insulin requirements. My experience with my pumper daughter over the 
last 5 years has been that the onset of change of insulin 
requirements occurs fairly quickly but is easily noticeable - bg's go 
high and stay there. It is similar to what a lady sees with her 
monthly cycle though the amounts are larger. A simple change of basal 
rate over a day or two accomodates the change. In Lily's case, within 
2 to 5 weeks the basals usually need to be lowered again, but not to 
the original values, always something slightly different. This end is 
more difficult since it produces lows, however it's not without 
warning and I routinely have Lily turn down her basal rate if it 
looks like there is a long term dip in the making. A 2 am check will 
prove if were wrong and we can turn it back up again.

A more insidious problem is the "late snack" that has a lot of carbs 
and is mis-calculated i.e. the ravenous teenager syndrome. I can't 
tell you how many times I've had to hold my daughters hand in the 
middle of the night while she has dealt with a low caused by this 
phenomena. My best solution has been to try and insist that the last 
food/insulin goes in 4-5 hours prior to bed time and that bg's are 
stable before the sleep period begins (100+).

When the first noticeable signs of a "period" of low bgs occurs, a 
routine check 3-4 hours after the beginning of his sleep period 
should catch any "bad" stuff before it gets out of hand. I know it's 
a nusicance, but it provides a pretty good safety net.

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