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Re: [IP] Docs for no pumps

> but she won't give it to them until they do a better
> job with "bookkeeping."  She said that some of these people have
> ignored their selfcare for years, now think going on the pump is a
> cure.  Their team firmly believes the pump will only "do its job" if
> the users "do their job" too, meaning testing often, keeping
> records, learning and understanding carbocounting etc.  Not everyone
> is ready to make that commitment.  Until she sees that commitment,
> she and the other CDEs and doctors in her group won't make the
> effort to educate or write the letter of necessity for a pump.

I tend to agree, but...... I have to say that a couple of years ago, 
Lily stopped keeping a log. She carb counts and calculates and looks 
at the bg log in her meter occasionally. I would like to see the log 
information because it makes it somewhat easier to adjust basal rates 
and to track problems, but in reality she has done a splendid job 
without the "bookeeping". So, I think this is a ni-ni blanket for the 
docs rather than a real necessity to achieve good control. Sure, it 
would be nice in a perfect world, but Lily routinely achieves hba1c's 
of 7 or better. Busy people simply don't want to put the effort into 
keeping detailed hourly records that get looked at by someone else 
every few weeks or months.

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