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[IP] She survived camp...

Hi everyone!

  Well, picked Amy up from church camp yesterday -- she survived!! Not that I 
didn't think she would, but it didn't go as I expected. She did call home 
twice -- once because her site fell out and she wanted to know what to do 
(DUH!!) And the 2nd time because she dropped her pump and got an alarm (pump 
still working). Both times she didn't sound like she was having the time of 
her life, and neither time was urgent she call. She said her bgs were a tiny 
bit higher than 'normal' -- I haven't check her meter yet....... 
  She also said she liked camp, but loves D camp better. Part of that has to 
do with the fact that she feels sooooo comfortable at D camp -- always 
someone there who knows, just in case. This was a good test for her though, 
really being 100% responsible for herself for 7 days. I think it helped her 
see just why we still want to be involved in her d care, even though she is 
capable. And, I believe it won't be such a struggle for her to let us be 
involved and not feel she 'needs to do it herself', as has been her feelings 
  And Lisa, yes, she lost 2 sets last week too -- and you know she NEVER 
loses sets. (for those of you who don't know, we both live in the hot, humid 
Midwest). She came home with another set in her leg -- I know it's Spencer's 
fault!!!! <vbg> The humidity is doing a number on her sets. She is out today 
detasselling in this horrible heat and humidity. I'm eager to see if she 
still has a set in when she gets home! Luckily, she thought to take extra 
tape with her, bless her heart!!!
  Robin -- hang in there -- as I said to you earlier -- you all will make it 
through this week, and maybe learn from this camp experience. But we are all 
here when you need us!!

Mom of Amy, 12, almost 13..........help............
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