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Re: [IP] Samples

Hang in there.  It is hot here too, and we had a terrible time with the 
IV3000 just melting away.  Tegaderm and/or polyskin worked better.  We cut 
out a center about the size of a nickel and place over the sil in place.  MM 
also talked with us about sandwiching (lay tape down, put in sil, lay tape 
over).  Preps do help, and you might want to try a little antipersperient 
(sp).  The benzodine does also help, but we found you have to have pretty 
tough skin.

I laugh when I read about people who just put in the sil and use only the 
adhesive on the unit...never work here for our son and climate!  The sil does 
stay in better for us than the softset did.  Hope the new tape helps, and 
don't forget the prep and antipersperint.
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