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[IP] Type 1 education - or lack of

Type 2’s aren’t not the only ones that don’t get diabetes ed. Some Type 1’s didn’t get it either. When my daughter was dx’d at age 8, she we didn’t get any. Dr # 1 dx’d her, sent us to the peds at our clinic. Since she was not sick she was treated as an outpatient Dr #2, the peds, totally ignored her and told us very little about diabetes other than she would be on insulin. He handed us a few sheets of paper. On them were how many carbs are in some foods and some prescriptions for a meter, syringes and insulin. Then said see you on Monday and a nurse would show you how to give shots. Oh, by the way, test her blood sugars before meals. It took sometimes 2 hours to do bg’s. On Monday, we came back no Dr. he was at the hospital and they didn’t know when he would be back. At this, I completely lost it. Said I wanted a new Dr. Dr #3 was a family physician. His son has diabetes. He set us up with a nurse to help us with the shots. In the mean time we went to our small community library to find books on diabetes, they had 4, copyrighted dates from 1956 to 1987 all about adults. To make a long story short we went to a bookstore and bought books. Dr #3 we had for about 3 yrs. We wanted a pump and he didn’t work with them. Referred us to the "BIG CITY", where they specialized in treating children and worked with pumps. We are now with Dr. #4 a peds endo. Most of what we know we read in books we bought. Sorry this was so long. Sorry about the venting.

Deborah mom to Eve 12yrs old