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[IP] Docs for no pumps

I went to my husband's company picnic today.   He works with a woman
whom I've met before and we know each other as fellow diabetics.  She
had heard through my husband that I was going on the pump.  She was full
of questions and expressed a great interest in hearing from me after I
start about how it's going.  Anyhow, she tells me that her doctor will
not allow her to go on the pump.  She is Type 1, injecting 4x/day,
testing 4x/day and having control problems.  I told her about this
digest and that the general answer to that - at least from what I've
read so far is - get a new doc!  Does anyone know or can anyone think of
any reason why an endo would not allow someone to go on the pump? 
(Other than he/she is intimidated or unfamiliar with the technology and
the management of someone pumping) I encouraged her to get a second
opinion.  She was not able to tell me her doc's reasoning.
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