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[IP] stomach fullness update

Thanks for your answers today on Kevins stomach thingy.
Endo had NO IDEAS and had me call Kevins regular ped doc. He suggested that 
with our recent travels accross country that Kevin MAY be constipated?! So we 
are trying that route. Kevin doesnt talk much about that kind of thing, and 
when you ask it is the brush off....so I dragged out what I could!

Lets hope the _hit doesnt hit the fan on the way to camp tomorrow. It is 
almost 5 hours away! 

Any words of wisdom for a worried Mom of a 11 year old boy going to Diabetic 
camp for the first time? I know he will be fine (I think) and he will have 
the time of his life (I hope) and in the 10 years the camp has been doing 
this...they have never lost a "patient" yet...but I need REASSURANCE!!!! ha 

It is the little things that make Kevin special that worry me. Like needing 
his basals lowered for 4 hours after exercise even though he is 350 after 1 
hour of soccer....you know. Things that make each diabetic special.....

Oh well, I will hang out by my phone, and worry like every other parent and 
jump into his arms (after counting every minute) next Saturday!! (happy he 
had the experience and survived it!)


Mom of Kevin, 11, dx 12/98
Pumping since May 3rd
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