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It finally happened!  I lost my connection Thursday evening and when I woke up VERY ILL yesterday morning, I didn't have the senses about me to check BS's---I was concerned about the nausea, thought it was from gastroparesis...I finally remembered to do my BS at 3:30 pm and got a HI reading.  I checked and discovered the connection out at the abdomen site...called my endo., he said to take 20 u. Humalog by injection and recheck in 1 hr. (ketones were LARGE), I did that still HI and LARGE, repeated 20 U. and checked in 1 hr. was 579 and Large...finally by 9pm, I was 359 and
ketones were 1 down from the large---reattached the pump, went to sleep and woke up at 1 am with a 41 and still having the meds in me for the nausea, couldn't really get my wits about me to do anything, so I just did an emergency glugacon and when I woke up at 9am--(the dr. calling) I was 125---today has been mostly sleeping it off---WHAT A DAY!!!!
This could have all been alleviated had I just checked the site and did a BS when I had the initial nausea & vomiting.... hope this teaches me a lesson...

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