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Re: [IP] Y2K-insulin supply?

email @ redacted wrote:
> I am a bit concerned after reading a recent "FamilyPC" article ,(Aug.'99)
> about the Millenium Bug.  According to the Gartner study, there is concern
> about the ability for some American pharmaceutical companies to get overseas
> supplies.  They mention that 70% of the world's insulin comes from Denmark.

I really doubt this 70% figure, since most insulin sold in the USA is made by
Eli Lilly in and around Indianapolis, IN, and the insulin that's imported 
from Denmark is made by Novo/Nordisk, which is Lilly's primary worldwide
competitor. Eli Lilly makes their own insulin, besides which they were
the first company to do so, and they DON'T buy any supplies from Novo.

ALso note that the modified E. Coli bacteria that are the only item
needed to make Humalin were invented and produced at Lilly, and Novo
doesnt have any rights to them at all. Their stor is all wet!

> Has anyone talked to their doctor about this?  There seems to be a concern
> about people hoarding supplies and causing shortages as well.  What do you
> all plan to do?

There is a lot of hype about Y2K, and it's not nearly as bad as they make out.
There will be some problems, buut no where near what the magazines say.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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