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Re: [IP] Question about MM clips

Judy wrote:
> When I got my blue 507 last spring, it came with a matching blue plastic
> clip.  For quite some time, I didn't use it too much--just put the pump in
> a pocket--but my clothing has changed in response to a new job and I now
> find the clip indispensible.  So indispensible that I shudder to think what
> I'd do if it broke!
> I have heard that there is another kind of clip available from MM and was
> wondering if this is true and, if so, what other's experiences with it have
> been.  Also, do they still make the plastic clips, so that I could get a
> replacement or backup?

The plastic clips are standard and likely always will be. When I got my first
I relied on the leather case until it got ripped up, got another one and then
decided to go back to the clip but couldn't find it. So I called up MM and
they sent me a new one for free. Of course it helped that they'd just changed
the design, so you might have to pay SOMETHING for 1, but it shouldn't be

Ted Quick
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