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Re: [IP] stomach fullness

>Kevin over the last 2 weeks has said he feels full all the time. He eats 
>smaller quantities, and feels really REALLY full. He has cut his intake in 
>1/2 I would say. At first it didnt seem odd, he was enjoying his new found 
>pump freedom...now he doesnt want breakfast and then when he finally eats, he 
>feels miserably full.


My son is 12 and  doesn't have diabetes.  I've noticed that he goes through
these phases.  Then, it will turn around and he will be ravenous.  They grow in
spurts.  It is probably hard to know what to attribute to a possible diabetes
problem and what is just typical "kid stuff".  I'm glad you called the doc just
to make sure, but this sounds like a normal pre-adolescent pattern to me.  It's
nice that he has a pump and can choose not to eat if he's not hungry.

Mary Jean

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