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Re: [IP] I found out I am Pregnant today!

> > Yesterday for lunch all I had was a veggie subway sandwitch and normally
> > I would take a bolus of 3 or 3.5 but I took 5 and an hour and a half
> > later I was still at 230.  So I took 2 more.  And an hour later I was
> > 233!!!  So I took two more and a square (which I usually reserve for
> > meals with protien).  It does seem like with everything I have to take a
> > square of 4-5 over 2 hours just to keep stable, AND THEN I GO LOW.

Your high bg bolus over time averaged as u/hr can be a good starting 
point for basal adjustments IF they are repeatable over a few days. 
An you are reasonably sure that you counted the carbs correctly. This 
technique has worked well for my daughter for several years. Of 
course, the same is true of low's, if you keep track of the required 
carbs to bring you up and the insulin equivalent that those carbs 

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