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Re: [IP] I found out I am Pregnant today!

APRIL MAR wrote:
> I am very happy but also very scared.  (This would be my first)

Let's see now, this is your first time SCARED <VBG>
> I am type 1 and have been on the insulin pump for about 6 months.
> This last week or so it has been sooo hard to keep my blood sugars down
> to normal.  I have a sweet tooth that I wish they had a "Sugarholics
> Anonomous" out there for, but even if I don't eat anything with sugar my
> BS are still out of control lately.

OK, but always remember that ALL carbs result in raising your bg, just at 
slightly different speeds. All carbs need to be counted in and controlled.
> Yesterday for lunch all I had was a veggie subway sandwitch and normally
> I would take a bolus of 3 or 3.5 but I took 5 and an hour and a half
> later I was still at 230.  So I took 2 more.  And an hour later I was
> 233!!!  So I took two more and a square (which I usually reserve for
> meals with protien).  It does seem like with everything I have to take a
> square of 4-5 over 2 hours just to keep stable, AND THEN I GO LOW.

I don't know exactly what a Subway veggie contains, but is very likely
very high carb AND fat, plus the side action of the veggies slowing
down the whole absorption scenario.

I'd suggest that you take a larger bolus initially, then taper down 
sooner at the end. This tends to make these situations flow smoother.
> I am so worried what this could be doing to the baby.
> Its like a catch 22.  I heard when your pregnant your insulin needs
> change drastically (especially in the first trimester) yet being low or
> high is bad.
> I guess I could just use some comforting words from anyone.  Thank you.

You really need to get a good idea of what the changes are so you can
really adjust for them. Not easy when pregnant, I'm sure, but possible
once you study it out, and be ready to change as things progress.

Ted Quick
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