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[IP] Supplies for Russian Kids

In my own quest for supplies I was directed toward Lilly' 'Lilly Cares' Program at 1-800-545-6962.  I got an automated response, if I remember correctly, and found that the drugs were dispensed on an idividual, case-by-case basis and mailed directly to a requesting physician.  (My endo has to contact them and also dispense the insulin to me.)  This program requires a patient's inability to pay. Basically one needs to be indigent without benefits- including Medicaid and Medicare - of ANY kind. IF I qualify, I'll have to pick up the Humalog at my endo's- probably because it's a prescription drug.  God forbid anyone noses into what we do on this list, eh?

I am not even sure I'll qualify as I do get Disability [ and am considered making too much money :-) by some {obviously not diabetics on pump people or anyone else who has a clue how much it costs to operate this 'disease'.

For those who're wondering, I use about 300 Test Strips per month(Lifescan or Accucheck Advantage), about $200. worth of Propulsid for gastro-paresis, insulin, lancets yada, yada, yada, and maybe $100. worth of infusion sets, batteries et al.  I've been keeping track of these expenses since I lost my insurance and all the social service agencies think surely I must be lying about them.  The 'ole diabetic' scam.   Pray they will never personally know the reality of my statements. (I am only posting this information in detail, as surely there are others who are or will soon be 'falling thru the cracks and wondering how they're going to support 'their diabetic habit.)  I have stated before on this list my desire to someday 'warehouse' supplies someday for pumpers, as this excursion into Povertyville has,at times, been a diabetic's nightmare for me. 

The test strip companies are the worst.  I have found no programs that would allow me any leeway whatsoever - no discounts, very few freebies (Lifescan sent me 50), no deals on strips about to expire. Nearly all the pharmeceutical companies have some kind of Medical Needs program which will provide at least some meds for varying periods of time, IF your doc will do the paperwork.  I have a whole list of these companies, their 800 #'s and the protocol to follow when applying. I just stumbled across the info while whining to a woman who works at a Disability center.  I am sure most folks don't know this exists.

Eli Lilly and Company
P.O. Box 9105
McLean, VA 22102   

You may need to write to get a 'real' person to respond to you.  Worth a shot, I'm sure.
Good luck.  And God bless.  I'm sure He has already.  He's certainly been working thru the folks on this list for me.


 ---- On Jul 24 email @ redacted wrote: 
> Will they accept vials that have been opened??  As a Director of Nursing I 
> have access to ooddles (sp) of them?  Also may be able to get some 
> meters/strips and syringes.  Let me know
> I have done missionary work in South American for going on 15 years.  We do 
> take opened things, even outdated things, as it beats a blank.  Please let me 
> know.  I'm in Cincinnati, could possibly drive supplies up if necessary.
> My brother is a pharmacist.  Says Lillly is very good about donating 
> supplies.  Have you check with them about a donation??  Try it, you might be 
> surprised
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