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[IP] re:birthday parties

 ok, now that is a scary thought, but realistically, it can't be true.
Maybe someone who doesn't eat junk food on shots could achieve better
control than someone who eats junk food W/o covering it, but I think if
you know your body, on shots or pump, you can eat whatever, it doesn't
take long to learn how you're body reacts, and the issue is preventing
highs, not avoiding sugar. I'm 15, and I LOVE junk food at times. On
shots it was almost always a NO-NO, even when I realized I could do an
extra shot to cover that piece of birthday cake, my personal
experience, on shots I could cover food, but that would wack me up b/c
I'd usually not inject enough, or inject too much. on the pump that's
not a prob, but I TOTALLY DISAGREE, some of us enjoy that cake or candy
bar, but it's very easy to cover with humalog... It's a scary thought
that it may cause complication, but I'm with the others, I don't think
so! i think it's the blood glucose that do! and maybe it wasn't
necessarily referring to type 1s on insulin, but rather others who
don't use medicine to cover food, in that case, eating junk food would
probably send them up, but they might not realize if they weren't
checking bg frequently or realizing the effects...
 sorry, just my two cents worth, i would be very unhappy if i had to
live like i was on shots even though i'm pumping.

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