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[IP] What is a safety loop? Kathie asks..

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<What is a safety loop?>

taping a loop of the infusion line to the body near the
insertion site , with the idea that if the pump pulls the line
away from you, that taped-down tubing and the tape get pulled on,
without letting any of the pull be applied to the infusion-site.

Or at least, the "safety loop" and its tape have to get pulled-off
first , reducing the load that gets applied to the insertion!

Perfect illustration is provided by our friends John Walsh and
Ruth Roberts in their website:
Showing a (small) safety loop next to a "Rapid" infusion set.

This is the last scene of their whole
the second link on their page
"Step By Step Pump Setup" or

I was taught to use several spots of tape-down of the line
after that first loop, years ago before we got these modern
"disconnectable" infusion sets with which I (and probably most of
us in IP) so "negligently" often omit any other securement to body.

Wearing the pump "inside" and not leaving any tubing "outside"
exposed to door-handles walking by or other things that can
snag an tube so easily helps for me.

Also note there the suggestion of IV3000 or similar dressing
on skin first, then insert infusion set through that in step 5,

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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