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[IP] Re: diabetic bulimia

> I never had a problem with food until I became diabetic (age 19) and had to eat when I wasn't hungry, and watch every bite I put into my mouth.  Later my doc said I had an eating disorder - he called it 'diabetic bulimia', characterized by over eating and under insulizing.

Nice to see this mentioned here.  I do think diabetes often breeds an unhealthy relationship with food, even in those who don't have an identified eating disorder.  I certainly experienced something similar, for years feeling like a slave to food and schedule.  I have just realized that, with the pump, I don't have to eat such high carb meals.  Seems simple, but it has only recently really hit me.  It's very liberating!  Now I am making the transition to consciously eating fewer carbs, especially "starch exchanges", and adding more fruit, protein, etc.  Another gradual realization that I attribute to the voices on this list.


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