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Re: [IP] Please take a look at "what not to say to your diabetic

> Draft 1, proofread by a few other pumpers... 
> http://www.cs.unc.edu/~sfisher/diabeticchildren.html
> Please take a look, send me comments (be harsh ;) ), let me know
> when you disagree with something or if you have better advice or a
> illustrative example... 
I'm blown away, great stuff!!
but.... as a non-diabetic (dad) I've been sensitized by this group to 
avoid the label "diabetic" in place of 'person with diabetes' which 
seems to be acceptable. It makes no difference to me, but then again 
I'm NOT D.

It seems there is an issue with being called a 'diabetic' which is 
sort of a 'thing' I guess as opposed to someone who suffers from 
diabetes. I say this only as an observer as I have no feelings about 
it one way or the other, I simply defer to those of you who care 
about such things.

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