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[IP] it's just me writing:-)

Hi Everyone!!!
 I love pumping, even though my bg aren't perfect, still having a pesky
low or two every day, but hopefully will be done with that soon:-) I'm
using the short silhouettes now, and  i like them except sometimes it
takes several pokes b4 they will go in. 
 It is 110% better than shots though, I'll say that anytime! and I
think it's for anyone who's not happy with shots, and who's ready for
the next step...
 I go to diabetes camp for my first time in ten years next week, it
should be a blast, I'm looking forward to it so much! I leave Sunday,
and I'm basically already packed (yes, pumping stuff included!). I need
2 site changes in the week, but I'm bringing 5 sets, and since I was
out one afternoon when my 2 week old batteries conveniently went low, I
have another set with me too. 
 One thing I want to do when I get back is to really get to work on
starting a teen/ preteen support group locally. I've met a few people
interested lately, and I know the ADA person here who is really
determined in helping me with this. So, I hope to get to work with it
and *hopefully* it'll get somewhere. 
 If anyone on here emails me this weekend/next week, don't get mad if I
don't write back, I will be back July 31, so i'll check my mail soon
 Take care all, Happy Pumping and Keep Smiling!!!

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