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Re: [IP] re: Birthday Parties

To All -  I would have to agree with you!  Especially with the pump, it's
possible to eat previously forbidden foods.  For me, I have eaten this way
for 35 years, and definately choose to continue.  Why get used to the taste
of sugar?  I know instantly at a restaurant or at work pig-ins, or friend's
houses (who even know that I'm diabetic, but forget and give me "illegal
food".  It's kind of like a friend of mine who has a terrible termite
problem, but continues to use wood chip mulch - and thus, feeds them, and
helps them propagate!  With diabetes, why eat that food in the first place?
And then bolus - doesn't add up to me.  Just a personal choice, and maybe
not for everyone.  You're all right - you're only young once!

Take care, Jane

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Date: Thursday, July 22, 1999 9:50 AM
Subject: [IP] re: Birthday Parties

>I hate to say it, but I think you will regret this later on.  I have had
>> diabetes for 35 years, and the peoole who don't stick to their diets
>> always die sooner.
><<<<<<<Here i must say its not the diet its the numbers that you have to
>watch if you don't stick to the diet and your numbers stay good
>then their is nothing to worry about...  just on the second hand  i
>have known those that have gone by the diet never swaying with
>perfect numbers only to have diabetes claim them or a leg/kidney/
>I'm glad you are healthy Jane but this is definitely a YMMV situation.  I
>agree with Brian that it is much more important to have good numbers than
>follow "the right diet"  A child is only a child once and as long as they
>stay on top of their numbers there is no reason in the world they should
>be having occasional pieces of cake and other "non-diabetic" treats.  Part
>of the purpose of the pump is to allow a person (no matter what age) to eat
>whatever they wish as long as they cover the carbs.  New diabetics
>especially need to know that numbers are much more important than "what"
>they are eating.  It can be done.  I have been diabetic 23 years and on a
>pump a little over a year and I have always had occasional treats and
>covered for them whether on shots or the pump.  I am extremely lucky and
>have no complications but I do have friends who never strayed off of their
>"diabetic diet" and do have severe complications.  This is definitely YMMV.
>Take care.
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