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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin and Karen

> A better substitute for a pump (this has been studied by the way) is 
> and infusion line and 2 insulin pens -- one with regular or nph and 
> one with humalog. According to the study I read, this combination 
> allows control almost as good as CSII, quite a bit more hassle, but 
> doable.

This is actually what I've been on since I was diagnosed (sans infusion
line). I talked with my doctor about changing to Ultralente and was
advised against it for several reason.

I'm actually on 4 shots of NPH daily and 3-4 shots of Humalog along with
NPH. It can be a hassle to handle but fine tuning is a bit easier than
large doses of NPH or U.

I'm getting my pump next friday...


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