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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin and Karen

> You are not asking the wrong crowd!
> UltraLente hardly peaks at all and (as you guessed)
> imitates a basal insulin rate pretty good.  It is used a
> lot with people on MDI (like me right now).  On an MDI
> routine UltraLente and Humalog can make a fairly good
> imitation of how a pump works.  This combination is
> sometimes referred to as "The Poor Man's Pump."

I would disagree with the characterization of "poor man's pump". It 
can provide a flat basal rate, however, very few people require a 
flat basal rate, this is precisely where the peaks and valleys of bg 
control come from, most people use at least 3 basal rates. Children 
and adolescents may have very large differences in there basal 
requirements during different times of the day as do some adults.

A better characterization than "poor man's pump" would be
a "poor substitute for a pump"

A better substitute for a pump (this has been studied by the way) is 
and infusion line and 2 insulin pens -- one with regular or nph and 
one with humalog. According to the study I read, this combination 
allows control almost as good as CSII, quite a bit more hassle, but 


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