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Re: [[IP] Fwd: free clothes!NOT A CHAIN MAIL wonder if it works Dont send it back]

"Heather Bannister <email @ redacted> wrote:" (Message below!!)

This forwarded message about the Gap giving away free clothing is a hoax!
Do not waste your time! Denise

>>Free Gap Clothes...DON'T DELETE!!
>Pass it on and I will be more than glad to
>with you Abercrombie & Fitch have recently
>merged to form the largest hottie
>outfitter company in the world!  In
>an effort to remain at pace with this
>giant, the GAP has introduced a
>new email tracking system to
>determine who has the most
>loyal followers.  This email is a
>beta test of the new clothing line and GAP has
>generously offered to compensate those who
>participate in the
>testing process.  For each person
>you send this e-mail  to, you will be given a
>pair of cargo pants.  For every person
>they give it to, you will be given an
>additional Hawaiian
>print T-shirt, for every
>person they send it
>to, you will recieve a
>fishermans hat!
>GAP will tally all the
>emails produced under
>your name over a two week
>period and then email you with more
>instructions. This beta test is only for
>Microsoft Windows users because the email
>tracking device that contacts GAP is
>embedded into the code of Windows 95 and
>98.  If you wish to speed up the
>"clothes receiving process"  then you can
>the GAP's P.R. rep for a free list of
>email addresses to try,
>at...."email @ redacted
>This really works I started this a month ago.
>The GAP emailed
>me with further instructions like my size and
>address etc.
>A couple days later I received a box load of
>clothes!!! They are

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