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[IP] Sweetners, BG rise, Parties

I haven't heard of DiabetiSweet although I must admit with a name like that it sounds like a sweetner 'designed' for diabetics (which always makes me nervous!)  The nutritionist in me is suspicious of almost everything that's been 'designed' even though it's on the GRAS list -  which sometimes means that apparently it won't kill you outright or on the other side that 'it kills only white rats that consume 10x their body weight' of a new product.  Although I've long been an advocate of using things as close to the natural state as possible, I do believe that moderation in all things (particularly as they relate to diabetes) is still the best advice.  I don't think a can of diet soda is gonna kill me- but a couple of liters a day can't be good for anyone.  

AND while I'm on my soapbox, in regards to all those posts on what children with diabetes should or shouldn't eat, I agree with those that advise a moderate intake of 'real' sweets, with all the measuring, and carb counting that goes with it, is probably going to keep a child's BG closer to normal - as they aren't likely to be going hog wild when mom's not around.  Speaking of hogs, when this near vegetarian pigged out at the local BBQ place during a somewhat recent lapse, her BGs went nuts.  (Probably the sauce was 1/2 sugar -dunno (and that was the problem).  Pizza or Mexican food can do me in too!  In fact those last 3 items wreaked more havoc than an ice cream cone or a piece of See's candy ever did.  The problem is that they seem safe.  So why do I still eat 'em?  Call me human.  At least I know enough to check my BG every 2 hours post pig out and not to over insulinize for any 'forbidden' treat.  (This was a common mistake in younger days before meters and Carb counting.!
  The better it tasted the more insulin I took.
Yeah, that was dumb!)

I never had a problem with food until I became diabetic (age 19) and had to eat when I wasn't hungry, and watch every bite I put into my mouth.  Later my doc said I had an eating disorder - he called it 'diabetic bulimia', characterized by over eating and under insulizing.  Things have calmed down for me with the pump and carb counting, although I worry about the damage already done.  Still, I've had diabetes 34 years, with only a few minor complications.  And as others have said here, I think not making an issue out of it is the best way to go.  

I'll climb down now.  That's my 4cents worth! (Inflation you know!)

 ---- On Jul 23 Donna <email @ redacted> wrote: 
> Has anyone used the product DiabetiSweet? Is this a new product?  It says you
> can use it for baking just like sugar.  I wanted to know others opinions before
> getting it. 
> Donna
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