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[IP] Changing on the run

Had an interesting time last night. Took the wife shopping, didn't think
to check the insulin level in my pump before we left. So we were going up 
the the escalator in Penney's when the alarm went off telling me it was 
out of insulin.

So, since we were running late and I wasn't used to the store, as well
as being 30 miles from home, I just detached the connector which happened
to be above waist level so it didn't look TOO strange if anybody was 
watching, took the case off the pump, opened it up, took out the syringe
detached the Luer Lok and filled it with air to keep it going, while 
standing alone in the aisle in the store. Then my wife called me over to 
see what the saleslady was showing her, so I calmly continued priming the 
pump as she was talking....

Somehow I kept a straight face and the saleslady kept talking while 
pointedly ignoring me standing their playing around with my pump 
and open connector. At least she had to go around the corner about 
the time it finally started feeding insulin into the open air and
while I reconnected it.

Oh, well, such interesting things that happen withn pumps sometimes....

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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