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Re: [IP] amazing way to lower BS...


I take Celexa, too.  I haven't noticed that it has helped
my BGs any, but it sure works well on the depression part!

Good luck with it!


--- diffee <email @ redacted> wrote:
> O'kay here's the story....
>      I was having symptoms of depression  so I asked my
> Doc. what I
> could take to "help out"...He prescribed Celexa?!?!  It
> is supposedly
> some new anti-depressant, a sister drug of Paxil. 
> Anyway, he made some
> statement that my BS may improve...I didn't pay much
> attention...WELL,
> my BS rarely goes over 120 since I've been on this
> medication!!!!!!  I'm
> amazed!  Sometimes it drops A LOT during the night...but
> I'm thrilled!
> I even had to lower my basals (the same basals I've been
> on for over a
> year)!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even if you are NOT depressed, if you
> are having a
> problem with control, ask your doc. about this
> CELEXA?!?!?!? (I sound
> like a commercial!!)       -Tonya D.  =)

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