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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin and Karen


You are not asking the wrong crowd!

UltraLente hardly peaks at all and (as you guessed)
imitates a basal insulin rate pretty good.  It is used a
lot with people on MDI (like me right now).  On an MDI
routine UltraLente and Humalog can make a fairly good
imitation of how a pump works.  This combination is
sometimes referred to as "The Poor Man's Pump."


--- Sherry Webb Nolan <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > The last thing I wanted to say/ask was why would the
> doctor choose
> to use UL?  I am not as familiar with it since I have
> been using
> NPH for all my 19 diabetic years.  However, my
> understanding is 
> that it takes a long time to peak and a long time to
> leave your 
> system.  Is the advantage that the peak is less severe
> then with
> NPH and the doctor feels this will immitate a basal rate?
>  Just
> curious, and I am probably asking the wrong crowd about
> it. :)
> Hee hee hee.  Oh well.
> Sorry so long,
> Sherry

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